When you make a video for Youtube and other places, it can be hard to find music for the video.

If you use public music from records, it is protected by copyright, and places like Youtube removes the audio, if their music-robot detects copyrighted music. On top of that, you risk being sued by the company, that owns the rights.

A lot of people has asked us, if we could do something about the music to their home videos. We have accepted that challange! We've already made some homemade music on a few funny videos, we have on Youtube. As videos are different, we have made the same piece of music, but in different versions, so you can download the one (or those), that suit your video best.

We allow you to cut, glue and edit all you may wish to. This means that you may use a piece of one of the versions, and put it together with another (or several others), in every way you want. They are all in the same tempo and key, so you can easily use more than one, without confusing the viever of your video. Most video editing programs can handle multiple pieces of music, so you can use them entirely at your own request. If your video is longer than the music, you can glue the same piece of music together several times.

The pieces of music you can download here is FREE(!), If you use it for non-commercial use. The only thing we request, is that you in the beginning or in the end of your video type "Music from". That gives us a little P.R.!

If you make a public movie, we would appreaciate if you would mail us a link. It might give us inspiration to new versions, and we will be glad, to see our music used by others.

If you want to give us a donation, you can donate a small amount using Paypal and the acount  All donations are welcome. The money will be used to keep KK-Musik running, and we'll be adding more pieces of music to the list.


Click here to hear and find the music for you video!