Here is the music to your video. Click on the name of the version you want to hear. Depending on your browser, a small player pops up and play the melody. Or you can download it, and hear it. Left click the name and choose "Save link as" to download the file. (It is in MP3 format, and in the brackets after the name, you can see how big it is). Enjoy!

The first and original version (4.9Mb)

Piano like in the old silent movies (5.6Mb)

Dance-Disco version (5.1Mb)

To the horror movie (5.1Mb)

For romantic movies (5.0Mb)

The sailor version (4.2Mb)

Punk-/Hardrock (5.5Mb)

The nature movie (4.2Mb)

We are continiually making new versions, when we have new ideas, and the time for it . Remember you can always contact us via mail on, if you have ideas to new versions, or want to give us some feedback.

For crime and triller movies (7.7Mb)

The ghost movie (6.9Mb)

The country version (6.2Mb)

Sience Fiction (5.8Mb)

Spike Jones Tribute (4.0Mb)